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Have you ever kept an animal in your house? I have. When i was five years old, i kept a cute dog and i did not know what kind of dog it is. Unfortunately, that little cute dog  died.

When i was in the second grade at the senior high school , my brother gave me a hamster. It was soooo tiny, it is as big as my thumb! Hmmm... let us talk about hamster!

Hamster is well known as a mouse without tail. If i am not mistaken, it belongs to the same family as mouse. Let me tell you top four types of hamster ;)

  1. Campbell
This hamster has the most variations of colour and type of fur. In my opinion, this type of hamster is not suitable to be kept for people who cannot stand its  bites.

  1. Roborovski
Hamster ini sangat lincah seg=hingga tidak cocok untuk orang pemula yang memelihara hamster. This hamster is so agile that it is not suitable for a beginner to keep it.

  1. Winter White
The character of this hamster is renowned as being soft and domestic. I keep  this type of hamster. It is quite cute and always runs  here and  there. I will tell you about this hamster later on.

  1. Syria
It is called GIANT HAMSTER. Why? Because of its  big body and it is the biggest  hamster of all. It is long haired and suitable for beginner  to keep  this hamster.

Okay! Like i said before, i am going to tell you about my lovely hamster. At the beginning, i was afraid to touch it. It was so fragile and shivery. My brother suggested that I should try  to carry and stroke it.. Soon after that, I have got accustomed to playing with it.

It has been almost four years since i kept it. Sometimes i talk with it and it looks like she understands what i say. Lovely! are you interested to keep  hamster? I never regret to keep them home. I will tell you about another pet next time!

there are the pictures of my hamsters :)



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