Kamis, 27 September 2012


          Maria Sharapova is one of the inspirational women in the world because of her sensational career in tennis. She is an inspiration for everyone and of course for me too. Her achievements were very admired because she has won many Tennis World Championship since teenager till now. On her biography, she told about her experiences of getting success which inspire me to do better each and every day of my life.

         Maria Sharapova has made a great impact on me. She has motivated me to work harder, to learn diligently, and determinedly. From her success experience, I am motivated to have a positive thinking in living my own life, and never give up to try something. Her experiences to overcome difficulties when she was in the United States motivate me to win over many challenges which I have to face.

          I am very impressed on Maria Sharapova’s life. Maria’s success story inspires me that I have to be a successful person like her in life now and in the future. She also inspires me to attain achievement in my study at the college. I must have a career dreams and feel confident the dreams will come true. To be an inspirator for everyone like Maria Sharapova is also my hope.

        Being successful is not an instant effort. Self-motivation to be successful is very important for us to achieve the career goals, and we have to learn from the experiences of successful people because they can motivate and inspire ourselves to be like them.

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