Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Reflective Writing - My Everyday's Hero

          One of my everyday's hero is my driver, named Heri Sutisna. He has been working for seven years since I was in Junior High School, and he is still working now. His good attitudes  made a good impression on my mind. His life's struggle to help his family financially made a great impact on me to be a hero for others.

         I learned a lot from Heri Sutisna's attitudes. One of them is  ready to help me when I need his help to drive although he had to work overtime. His responsibility in his job is really motivated me to have a high responsibility in doing my job. I also learned how to help people with their troubles wholeheartedly.

           He was an inspiration to me to be a 'Hero' for others. I learned from Heri Sutisna's life, that a hero is not only doing a great things, but no matter how little it is, worthwhile in my life. I am learning to become a hero to the people around me now.

           I realized that there are 'Everyday Heroes' around me who made contribution in my life. They are my parents, my teachers, my friends, my driver, my maid, and the others. Without them I could not be who I am today. Through this opportunity I will say "Thank You" to them for everything they have done. :)

                                           You can play the "Hero" music by Mariah Carrey. :)

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Anonim mengatakan...

gw gak begitu ngerti grammar tapi yg disampein sepertinya gw tangkep deh. *ga tau nangkep apa* walau gw pikir kayaknnya grammarnya agak2 beda atau gak meyakinkan aja...

tuk this experience. whos experience? enaknya tulis aja this thing, or his experience or his life.

ayo sisiiiil... jiyayouuuu....

Sylvia Karina mengatakan...

Doumo Arigatou Gonzaimasu Idho Senpai *bow*
(okok) i will change it soon :D


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