Jumat, 09 November 2012


                    On November 2, 2012,did an observation on the teaching and learning process  in the fifth grade English  class at Baptist Elementary School, Bandung. It has given me  a lot of  knowledge about the strategies of teaching, and to be a creative teacher.

                 I learned a lot of the strategies of teaching from the English teacher named Miss. Fary. One of her strategies is to explain the material clearly until the students understood. The other strategy is to attract the students' attention to enjoy learning by interesting and well-organized lessons.

                 Miss Fary  also taught me how to be a creative teacher like her.  She showed me how to make the lessons fun by making groups discussion  in the class, so the students can help one another if one of them did not understand the material.  I learned how to handle  the class well when the students was a bit noisy until the students pay attention in the class and how to explain the lessons to a deaf-mute student.

                  The two-hour class observation was very useful for me. I have learned a lot from Miss Fary as an English teacher, both from getting experience in teaching as well as  her attitude. She inspires me to be a good teacher in the future.

These are some pictures that I took when I was there ;)

He was so serious at that time ^^

Love it >.<

Cheeeeeeeeessseeee :D

The Boys ^^

Some little friends who sat around me ^^

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