Jumat, 16 November 2012

Cafe Business Life

         On November 9, 2012 I did an observation on a businessman’s life at “Nikmat” Noodles Cafe at Babakan Jeruk V / 1, Bandung. The owner's named is Mr. Purba. He has given me a lot of knowledge about business strategies and principle of business.

I learned the business strategies from Mr. Purba. The first strategy is to choose the business appropriately. For example, he sells specific foods from North Sumatra, like 'Medan Noodle' and 'Bombay Noodle'. The second is to search a strategic location, so customer's target is correct. The location of 'Nikmat Cafe' is very strategic because there are a lot of boarding and lodging houses around the cafe. The third strategy is the prices of the foods must be reasonable. The last business strategy is promoting by distributing brochures of the cafe. The four strategies that he has already taught  me, are very useful for me if I want to be a businesswoman in the future.

                                                 He is Mister Purba and you can read another post by my friend, Audhy, HERE ^^

Mr. Purba also taught me the principles of business. The main principle are having self-confidence that he can run the business well. I learned how Mr. Purba and his wife overcame many challenges well, based on this main principle. The next principle is having the entrepreneur spirit, and the last is being creative businessman. Up to now he has been running his business for 8 years successfully. All these statements gave me motivation to reach success if I want to run the business.

         From this business observation, I learned how to be a successful and creative businessman. The perseverance and business ability are the keys of success in doing the business. 

Here are some pictures that I took ^^
                                                                          The menu ^^

                                          Hainan Rice, Porridge, and Medan curly noodle ^^ :9

                                                                The owner and me ^^

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